Tuesday, October 16, 2012


What happen to us? What happen to you? I’m so sad right now. You seems like doesn’t care anymore about my feeling. I’m so touch with everything. I’m just a girl who wants to be happy. I hate everything that happening now. I  didn’t hate her before but day by day she makes me hate her like so fucking damn much! What is wrong with her? So desperate haa? I have my patient but I’m also having my own limit. But the most sadness thingy is YOU. I give you some spaces to solve everything but I can’t see any changes. It’s hurt me so much. I’m not strong enough too stayed like now. What should I do? Our relationship is so damn serious but I don’t want this matter haunted me every day. I’m tired. Please do something :(

- hate when people underestimate the things that I will do

- i choose nothing , i was born and this is what i am ( note that ! )

- simple

- loving

- loyal

- will appreciate the person who appreciate me

- sooooo in love with DSLR


- TESL student

- good listener but not a good adviser

- follow heart too much

- have a lot of wish list

- demanding

- love dreaming

- novel fanatic

- family n friends is everything

- talkative only with the person i know

- want to lose weight before my dream wedding hahaa

- I forgive but i do not forget

- don't start mess up with me because i will hate you forever

- try to get to know me better before you start to judge me

- thankyou for viewing my blog :) -