Friday, August 12, 2011


Assalammualaikum .. Hey peeps .. 

Its 5.10 a.m. time for bersahur .. but me ? sahur updating my blog .. Hehee
Well as a student who stayed far away from family far la sangat just sahur simple2 je ... sahur with my roomate atiqah ramli which only both of us in da house .. other housemate ? blik rumah msing2 la sahur dgn family .. lucky them .. sronok nya dpt bersahur dgn family ...

Hmm i feel so sad bcause its 13th of Ramadhan and i still didnt get a chance to bersahur or break fast with my family .. I miss them a lot .. everyday i will remember time sblum msuk study dlu bersahur n berbuka with family kinda miss that moment now ='(

Ouhh Time pliss be nice to me i want to go home ! 
I don't care what will happen but i'll make sure that i will be home by next week ! rite Atiqa .. i know u feel da same too .. 

tik tok tik tok tik tok time is Clocking

- peace -

- hate when people underestimate the things that I will do

- i choose nothing , i was born and this is what i am ( note that ! )

- simple

- loving

- loyal

- will appreciate the person who appreciate me

- sooooo in love with DSLR


- TESL student

- good listener but not a good adviser

- follow heart too much

- have a lot of wish list

- demanding

- love dreaming

- novel fanatic

- family n friends is everything

- talkative only with the person i know

- want to lose weight before my dream wedding hahaa

- I forgive but i do not forget

- don't start mess up with me because i will hate you forever

- try to get to know me better before you start to judge me

- thankyou for viewing my blog :) -