Tuesday, June 14, 2011

itss meee againnn :)

Assalammualaikum n Hollowwww peepss ><

woww its been a long time since i didnt update my blog ..
( have a little probs actually ) ... 

soo about my last few weeks ... its kind da messy i think .. but so far its still under my control ..
i'm still good ..
but thats the down part n the best part is my FINAL is OVERRRRRRR n so do my 3rd semester .. wuhooo .. 
feels like unblievable sbb sye msih bertahan .. rsa cpat je msa blalu da nk msuk sem 4 .. alhamdulillah ><
so now cuti sem .. sbulan lmanya .. ape lgi enjoyy la .. hahahaaa .. but i'm gonna miss my housemate n my roomate yaww .. but its okeyy ..
see u guys 17-7-11 later ye babes ( auww x sbarnyer )

soooooooooooooo until now ..  have a great goodddddd night tonite everyone .. daaaaaa ><

- peace -

- hate when people underestimate the things that I will do

- i choose nothing , i was born and this is what i am ( note that ! )

- simple

- loving

- loyal

- will appreciate the person who appreciate me

- sooooo in love with DSLR


- TESL student

- good listener but not a good adviser

- follow heart too much

- have a lot of wish list

- demanding

- love dreaming

- novel fanatic

- family n friends is everything

- talkative only with the person i know

- want to lose weight before my dream wedding hahaa

- I forgive but i do not forget

- don't start mess up with me because i will hate you forever

- try to get to know me better before you start to judge me

- thankyou for viewing my blog :) -