Wednesday, November 3, 2010

l O V E



Hari ni best gile dpt HANG OUT dgn BFF aku even x lma mne .. 

kali ni HABIBI HIJAZI is our PILOT , n BAITI JR. CO-PILOT bwk aku g lepak kt PADANG POLO ...

HAHAHAAAA .. BKN NTUK BJOGGING yea harap mklum tp sje amik angin ptg n lepak2 ..

before tu pegi mengenyangkn perut dlu kt MCD then bru pegi  PADANG POLO .. 
ape lagi smpai sne mcm biase la kitorg kn CAMERAHOLIC SO WT PHOTOSHOOT SYOK SNDIRI LA .. HEHEHEE .. 

bg ak this is the PRECIOUS MOMENT .. yela sbb kitorg jrg jumpe .. cuti pn x sma .. haish ..

bile pk2 blik sdey ak rsa bcause all my fren already hve their own way .. tp xpe ..

maybe ade hikmah .. contohnyer once dpt jumpe mmg kitorg gune kn msa yg ade sbaiknye la kn ..

well guys .. sumpah aku syg gile kt korg ..

hope friend + ship kite nver last .. 

n untuk yg  lain2 yg x bkesempatan jumpe lg n especially WANI

aku rindu korg sgt ..
bile kite nk jumpe n gather kn sume skaly geng kite mcm dlu ? ak rindurindurindu korg beb ..

ppe pn keep in touch yea .. jgn lupe :)

      - love n hugs* untuk korg sahabat -

- hate when people underestimate the things that I will do

- i choose nothing , i was born and this is what i am ( note that ! )

- simple

- loving

- loyal

- will appreciate the person who appreciate me

- sooooo in love with DSLR


- TESL student

- good listener but not a good adviser

- follow heart too much

- have a lot of wish list

- demanding

- love dreaming

- novel fanatic

- family n friends is everything

- talkative only with the person i know

- want to lose weight before my dream wedding hahaa

- I forgive but i do not forget

- don't start mess up with me because i will hate you forever

- try to get to know me better before you start to judge me

- thankyou for viewing my blog :) -