Friday, October 22, 2010

F R U S T :(

arini ak frust .. sgt frust .. mau x nyer .. ak dpr taw sume guy yg ak admire da berpunyer ...
huhuuhuuu .. ak sgt sdey .. supposed to be la .. but ak rsa mcm klakar pn ade .. yela spe sruh ak g admire org yg da berpunyer kn .. hahaaaa .. pdn muka ak .. 

but i dun mind at all .. because i want to FOCUS ! skrg kn tgh FINAL .. huhuuu .. 2 ppers left .. LANGUAGE AWARENESS n LHTL lpas tu hbis la semester prtma ak ( ceh ayt skema je ) hahaaaa ....

back to frust feeling tu , ak mls la nk amik port sgt .. just let them be happy with their life ..
N aku ? masih diri ak .. yeah .. chaiyokk2 syafiqa :)

- hate when people underestimate the things that I will do

- i choose nothing , i was born and this is what i am ( note that ! )

- simple

- loving

- loyal

- will appreciate the person who appreciate me

- sooooo in love with DSLR


- TESL student

- good listener but not a good adviser

- follow heart too much

- have a lot of wish list

- demanding

- love dreaming

- novel fanatic

- family n friends is everything

- talkative only with the person i know

- want to lose weight before my dream wedding hahaa

- I forgive but i do not forget

- don't start mess up with me because i will hate you forever

- try to get to know me better before you start to judge me

- thankyou for viewing my blog :) -